Monteith’s Brewery Greymouth West Coast Review

For the past few years, we’ve been continually drawn to the unique pub experience at Monteith’s Brewery Greymouth in the West Coast region of the South Island. The one thing that has always impressed us is their delicious brewed beer and high-quality food. Recently, we ranked Monteith’s Brewery NZ as one of the Top 5 restaurants in Greymouth. While various cuisines are available in the town, this Greymouth pub stands out. If you’re looking for Monteith’s brewery reviews, continue reading for more information on the brewery and brewery tours, what to order to eat, West Coast beer, and to discover why it’s one of the best restaurants in Greymouth.

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Monteith's Brewey beer tasting tray

Monteith’s Brewery Greymouth

The outside of Monteith's brewery in Greymouth

Monteith’s Brewery is not just a place to enjoy great beer and food; it’s a living testament to New Zealand’s brewing heritage. With a history dating back to 1868, this family business has since partnered with DB Breweries, one of New Zealand’s largest beer producers. 

Today, Monteith’s Brewing Company’s craft beers and ciders are widely available in pubs throughout New Zealand.

In 2012, a new brewery was established in Greymouth, complete with a restaurant and taproom and the introduction of their renowned West Coast brewery tours and tastings.

The Greymouth Brewery is renowned for its beer-making on the West Coast and has become a national NZ beer icon. Many tourists visiting Greymouth consider it a highlight of the area. We personally love it and make sure to pop in at least once a year.

Monteith’s is one of the largest restaurants in Greymouth. We have seen entire busloads of people there, and when it’s that busy, we usually avoid going in. However, everyone seems to be having fun, especially in the late afternoon or early evening. 

New Zealand South Island Travel Insider Guide tips: 
The Greymouth restaurant is open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. 
If you want to go at quieter times with fewer people, avoid the lunch hour between 12 – 2 p.m. Further, Fridays after 4 p.m. get busy with the after-work crowd celebrating the end of the work week.

Our Food Choices from Monteith’s Greymouth Menu in May 2024

Chilli garlic, prawns, chips and a glass of Monteith's beer

Since our last visit in August 2023, we have been dreaming about the delicious prawns and burgers we had with our beers. We already knew we wanted the same again and hoped it was still available on the menu. During that visit, we had a Tasting Tray of beers. But more on that shortly and why you should have one if you love beer! 

The menu at Greymouth Monteith’s Brewery is a delightful mix of classic pub fare and innovative dishes using local produce. We were thrilled that our favourites, the Chilli Garlic Prawns and the Phoenix Chicken Burger, were still on the menu. We also couldn’t resist ordering the beer-battered and shoestring fries. The portions were generous, and we were surprised by the huge basket of fries!

Was it as good as last time? Hell yeah! Those large banana prawns with garlic and mild chilli flavours were so moreish that we would eat them a few times a week!

The burger was equally indulgent. It featured generous chicken breast pieces marinated in sriracha and coated with house spices, creamy coleslaw, chilli jam, and Swiss cheese, all served on a grey brioche bun.

The chilli jam’s flavour with the burger is the best we’ve ever tasted. We loved it so much that we asked if they sold any bottles to take home. (Unfortunately, they didn’t.)

During this visit, we sat by the fireplace for our meal and then relocated to the lounge for a Monteith’s Hazy Pal Ale- a tasty, aromatic, and fruity hops beer.

They also have an outdoor beer garden where we love to sit in the summertime.

What Else is on Monteith’s Brewery Menu

Huge basket of chips and chicken burger from the Monteiths menu
The two of us had trouble eating half the fries in this huge basket!

We noticed people were ordering Gurnard in Golden Lager Beer Batter, Akaroa Salmon fillet and Hari Hari Butchery Venison Bangers and Mash from the menu. We will definitely try these stunning-looking meals next time. 

Additionally, the next time we want to make our meal more of an event, we will order the Platter For Two- a tasting plate of cheese, dried fruit and nuts, tapenades, pates, bread, crackers, sriracha marinated chicken, garlic prawns, pork belly pieces and salmon whip. It will go perfectly with a Tasting Tray of beer.

Other exciting Monteith’s menu options include the Canterbury Beef Fillet and the Moroccan Lamb Burger.

Vegetarian options such as Thai Vegetable Curry and Mexican Street Corn Tacos are available.

Your order contains generous portions, so you’ll likely feel satisfied, especially when accompanied by fried chips and beer.

The West Coast Brewery

Inside the bar at Greymouth Monteith's

Now, onto the beer. The great thing about the bar at the Greymouth brewery is the sheer variety of options, each with unique flavours and characteristics. 

If you are unsure which beer you prefer, you can sample a variety, including a pale ale, a hoppy beer, a malt, a pilsener, and a lager.

The Tasting Tray we ordered on our last trip included a variety of 6 beers. As we are not particularly fond of black beers, the staff were kind enough to swap out the stout for another beer choice. 

We loved having six beers to try, which turned the lunch into an event. Further, we loved how each tray came with tasting notes and insights into the beer styles.

You can try a smaller tray with 3 Monteith’s beer choices if six beers are too many.

Our Favourite Monteith’s Beer

That’s really a subjective question. It depends whether you like a lager, pilsener, an ale, or a stout. However, our favourites are Monteith’s Original and Monteith’s Golden Lager. If you are not a beer drinker, they also have their very own craft cider, or you can choose one of the house-made cocktails.

West Coast Brewery Tours

Learning about the brewing process at Monteith's Brewery Greymouth

You can enhance your New Zealand cultural experience by taking a brewery tour to learn about the beer-making process.

During the 45-minute guided Monteith’s Brewery tour, you will gain insight into the brewing process, how beer is made, and the brewery’s inner workings and history. Additionally, you’ll learn how to pour beer from the tap.

Further, you will receive a West Coast passport, which provides discounts on popular West Coast activities and attractions. You will also receive three beers while on the tour and vouchers for free beer in West Coast pubs.

The tour with Get Your Guide costs only $25, which includes three beers valued at $19.50.

Book your Monteith’s Brewery Tour with Beer Tasting using this link.

Note: Beer is no longer brewed at Greymouth due to logistics changes, but the experience remains the same.

Brewery Merchandise

Dining at this table, surrounded by 150 years of history, is a must-do for history or beer buffs visiting the West Coast!

Before you set off for your adventures, you can also visit the shop and check out the Monteith’s Merchandise. We were quite impressed with the quality of the clothes. If you need a warm jacket for your trip, you can pick up a good quality one from here and have a memento of your visit. Further, you can find local arts and crafts for sale, such as glassware, caps, bags, magnets, beer holders, and other accessories. You can also visit the bottle shop to pick up some beers and ciders.

How to Get There

Travel to Greymouth, the largest town on the West Coast. Visit the brewery at 60 Herbert Street, Greymouth, New Zealand, just a minute off the highway.

It is a 7-8 minute walk from the bus/train station to the brewery.


Is Monteith’s Brewery Worth Visiting?

Monteith’s Brewery is one of the top five restaurants in Greymouth. It is also a well-run establishment where you can pop in for lunch or dinner and have a flavorful meal with some of the best West Coast breweries’ beer. 

Those who add the tour to their experience will be entertained, learn about the beer process, sample three West Coast beers, and receive coupons for West Coast activities.

If you are looking for stuff to do in Greymouth, you can’t go wrong with visiting one of the best breweries on the West Coast while enjoying exceptional food. We’ve been to many Greymouth restaurants, and because of the quality of the food, atmosphere, and fun activities, we rank it as the best restaurant in Greymouth.

We hope you found this information helpful. If you are travelling north, check out the best restaurants in Punakaiki. Our favourite one has epic sea views.

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